Maple 400 Townhomes
Houses, Apartments, 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom and studios
Office: 416 W. Maple, #1-A
Corner of Maple Ave. and Duck 
1/2 block east of OSU Seretean Center
1 block south of Eskimo Joe's
Or e-mail our office manager at

Large 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments
Washer/Dryer, dishwasher  
Rates start $500 per mo., per bedroom.

NOW LEASING, Summer/Fall 2016 
Call or come by today
Office hours 12a-5p, M-F

Go Pokes!
Typical 1-bedroom apartment building below
123 S. West
Two-bedroom Townhomes and pool are above.
                       Interiors below
Typical 3-bedroom house below
201 S. Duncan